Zero One

Zero One is an artist straight out of Jo’burg that is a force to be reckoned with. Recently signed by the longest running underground events organiser in the history of Jo’burg, “Red Eye Productions”, he now has the muscle to take his art to a whole new level.

With almost 2 decades of dance floor, DJ and Production experience, Zero One has developed a unique style like no other.

Zero One has a very experimental, but distinct sound in his production and Live performances. His DJ sets are slick and smooth and offer a slamming journey every time. He has cemented a bond with Techno over the last few years, and is determined to expose only the best local and international Techno to the Jo’burg masses. Techno is Zero One’s weapon of choice.

He has a passion and drive for dance music that can be felt in his sets, offering a slick, stunning set at any given time for all crowds. His production has an uncanny sound, which is distinctly identifiable.




Red Eye: