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The STEREO FICTION project has a solid history in the S.A. music industry pleasing dance floors at a variety of clubs and outdoor events, always delivering quality tunes with big, bad ass basslines, somewhat groovy, somewhat tribal, and somewhat edgy and always surprising the audience with the best and freshest.

Stereo Fiction has evolved with the music industry and matured with the times and is passionate about the underground sound, no matter what medium it’s mixed on. The foundation of good dance floor music will always be in the groove. That is what Stereo Fiction focuses on and mixing it up to take you on a dance floor roller coaster of leg stomping, ass shaking tunes that will rock right at any time, any place.

Stereo Fiction sets are specific to each event and feature own produced tracks and a selection of Progressive Trance, Techno, Psychedelic and Breaks. The project was created to offer something different and unique for the dance floor.

Plans for Stereo Fictions future are to promote and educate more audiences all over SA with his upbeat DJ sets. Also to be productive in the studio and turn out quality releases that are original and pumping and taking that into a live format to collaborate with other talented artists that can complement the projects style, always focusing on presenting you with the very best in tribal, progressive, psy tech, techno and tech house and all things groovy wink emoticon

Stereo Fiction

Amoeba Records was started in 2004 by Killer B and HegChick from Red Eye Productions, which is Johannesburg’s legendary underground psy trance organisation. Due to the demand and quality productions coming from the DJ’s and producers at the events the need arose to have a independent underground record label that can support these fresh artists and their talent.
The focus is on releasing a fresh unformulated sound that is true to Johannesburg and the events, thus ensuring a unique brand that releases a variety of intelligent sound but all aimed at making the dance floor sweat.

After a decade of music and 6 successful international releases, Amoeba have decided to relaunch and get into the new era of music and releases. In order to keep things focused and show our diversity we are dividing the label into specific genres for our future digital releases. Amoeba PSY, Amoeba TECH, Amoeba PROG, and Amoeba BREAKS will ensure you there is something for every underground music lover and fresh tunes for cutting edge DJz.

Progressive Psy Trance Demo:
Psychedelic Breaks Demo:
Techno Demo:

Look out for the Stereo Fiction E.P. coming out on Amoeba Records soon ! Previews will be available on Soundcloud.

You can also visit to find out more about Ben’s other project – KILLER B (Looney Moon Records)