obsessive progressive

From an early age Gareth has always had a love of the beat, he started playing drums at the age of 14, mainly in small garage bands and session drumming, this quickly transpired to a great love of music overall and one that has only grown year on year since.

Shortly after leaving school Gareth moved to London where he continued to pursue his drumming in various small bands, it was at this point in time that Gareth discovered the electronic genre through D&B as well as Dubstep within the local underground scene. Returning to South Africa after two years abroad and relocating to Johannesburg Gareth found himself thrust into the psy trance scene, quickly establishing his own light and funky though a melodic flavour of progressive psy trance, a sound which he continues to evolve.
Considering his background it is not hard to understand Gareth making the concerted effort to bring a new fat and unique psychedelic production style to an evolving world of Psy.